Past Awards We Have Recieved

Season Tournament Award
Block Effect

Qualifier #1
State Championship

Qualifier #1
Control Award
Qualifier #2 PTC Design Award
Velocity Vortex

Qualifier #1
Qualifier #2 Control Award
Relic Recovery

Qualifier #1 Motivate Award
Qualifier #2 Think Award
State Championship
Rover Ruckus

Qualifier #1 Winning Alliance Member
Qualifier #2 Winning Alliance Member, Control Award

Past Awards

Control Award: This programming centered award commends the team that had the best use of unique programs and successful sensors used in their rounds. This team's engineering notebook must have had a very detailed in explaining their implementation of software, sensors, and mechanical control.
Motivate Award: The winning team of this award exemplifies what it means to be a FIRST team. This team works together by showing gracious professionalism at competitions and by recruiting and assisting other teams and members at home.
Design Award: This award focuses on the design aspect of the robot. The team winning this award must show a thoughtful design on their robot that is both functional and aesthetic. The robot must distinguish itself from other competitors by showing off its unique design.
Think Award: The winning team of this award clearly displays their engineering and design process in their engineering notebook. This award honors the team who had an engineering section of their engineering notebook that clearly displayed the mathematics, science, and design process that went into the building of their robot.

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