Winning results from our first qualifier for Rover Ruckus

We had our first qualifier competition on December 2nd, 2018. It started out a bit rough, with some robot issues. But once those issues were resolved, we were able to have 3 successful matches.

This got us chosen to join the 2nd Finals Alliance. Together with 13243 Confidential Robotics and 11150 Thunder Pengwins, we were able to win all of our semifinal matches, and continue on to be the winning alliance for the qualifier!

We would like to thank our recent sponsors.

During the beginning of the season, we have talked to a some individuals and organizations. These people have chosen to help us our in our work to build a winning robot.
We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to:

2017-2018 State Results

We were thrilled to get the opportunity to go to state in 2017. While competing at state we worked hard and ended up placing 18th over all. Though not in a place that sends us to regionals, we were more succesfull than we expected

Thanks to our sponsors

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